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CAMP JUSTICE... A Summit for Youth of Promise

For Brittany Buchanan, it is not enough to identify a problem; she is determined to raise up others who can "be the change" and implement solutions. Brittany hopes to execute an inaugural Social Justice Symposium for Central Kentucky Youth & Young Adults. This interactive summit experience will prepare participants for heightened cultural competency by sharpening their critical thinking skills, self awareness, racial identity, vision and voice.

Brittany explains, "While major institutions developed to mold and mend Central Kentucky youth such as Fayette County Public Schools address cultural competency deficits by offering ongoing training opportunities for administrators and staff, we must be aware. While administrators and staff learn to recognize and regulate their implicit biases, latent prejudices and potential racism, the students within our schools will continue to encounter those biases and their adverse impacts." 

Camp Justice programming will empower youth to understand and break cycles to which they are currently exposed while also providing opportunity for them to obtain skills and training concerning what they should do when they witness and/or experience such biases. 

For more information on why Brittany finds this opportunity for youth to be strengthened through a Social Justice Symposium that sharpens their critical thinking skills surrounding current issues such as racial inequality by providing opportunities to recognize their own implicit biases as well as providing tools to mitigate them and productively respond when encountering or observing racism from others, please read her editorial "How Do I Look?" on page 52 of the Lextropolis March 2018 publication by pressing the button below:

Brittany is seeking partnership, sponsorship and participation from community stakeholders. For more information on ways in which you may serve this effort to mobilize students who are often under resourced and drastically underestimated, please email: IntegrityLawPractice@gmail.com with "Camp Justice" in the subject line.

A team member will contact you with additional details as they are finalized.

Thank you for your time and consideration!