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Brittany Buchanan, Esq.

Speaker, Educator & Attorney At Law

Brittany Buchanan, JD, MSSW is a General Law practitioner and Principal Attorney with Integrity Law Practice, PLLC. who passionately advocates for children and often represents clients within the family courts. A Lexington, Kentucky native, affectionately called “Dr. Bri” by her students, Brittany is a Millennial voice of Faith, community mending, and interdisciplinary impact. Brittany's professional endeavors and personal convictions align to facilitate the enfranchisement of racially and generationally marginalized populations within areas of justice and education.

Dr. Brittany Buchanan is a national speaker who instructs within various social sciences and legal disciplines in addition to training other higher education professionals, direct service providers and community leaders in areas of diversity engagement, domestic violence survivor advocacy and overcoming implicit bias. Dr. Buchanan also contracts consultation and support services with schools, corporations, and nonprofits towards identifying systemic sources of oppression and cultivating cultural competency skills.

As an ordained minister and missionary, Brittany has aided victims of human trafficking in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in addition to empowering women and training church leaders throughout Kenya, Brisbane, and Sydney. Through her own mentorship company and other community organizations, Brittany has served thousands of youth nationally and internationally. She seeks more opportunities to engage students and peers in her unique brand of "shirt off her back" mentorship and teaching.

January of 2018 marks the launch of "The Chosen Chronicles", a series of podcasts and radio broadcasts discussing contemporary issues through a lens of Christianity and the young adult experience. This also marks Brittany's debut as an on-air personality with Lexington Community Radio. In October 2018, Brittany launched Integrity Law Practice’s #Chase1000 campaign to engage, equip and empower 1,000 youth within Fayette County Public Schools. She explains, “I am uncomfortable with the idea of reading headlines reflecting self-hate, aimlessness, alienation and lack of opportunity among our city’s marginalized youth and young adults without lending my hands to craft effective and sustainable solutions.” Dr. Buchanan will serve Lexington Young Professionals Association as Mentorship Chair for their 2019 Steering Council as well.

Since returning to Kentucky after two years of service in the mission field, Brittany harnessed her energy, resources and influence to call fellow Christians and community members at large to "A Call to Unity Through Prayer" that she hosted at a Central Kentucky minor league baseball park. This call was structured to directly confront issues of discord within the community, particularly the Christian church, along lines of race, class and political affiliation and was a resounding success. These efforts have continued throughout 2018. Brittany will be joined by thousands of other Faith community leaders, Professionals and Community members as she leads the 2019 “A Call to Unity Through Prayer” event in Central Kentucky on Saturday, August 24, 2019; this event welcomes collaboration and is a Faith-based vehicle of necessary community mending.

As a public speaker and lecturer, Brittany has committed to share her messaging with the masses. She constantly aims to sharpen her advocacy skills and understanding of regional and national political processes and reform. Now a member of the Leadership Lexington 2018-2019 cohort of outstanding city professionals, Dr. Buchanan is further engaging the Central Kentucky region with zeal, excellence and intentionality. Brittany believes that there is a space for the totality of who she is as a young professional, woman of Faith, legal advocate and educator. She endeavors to own that space and thrive.